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This is your home to amazing online guarantor loan offers

We understand that at times, it may be quite difficult to access loans from established organizations when you need them the most. This is why we have some of the best offers available to our clients in an instant. Having a simple application process, fast loan delivery response time, quality customer service, and low interest rates, we are by far among the top listed guarantor loan service providers in the UK. We are responsible in offering our clients loans that range from £500 to £5000. We strive to offer our services to those who have tried to get loans from mainstream banks but were not successful or those who prefer not to use these organizations to get their loans.

What is a guarantor loan?

A guarantor loan refers to unsecured personal finances lent to clients. Applicants seeking this kind of financing need to have a person at their side willing to stand as guarantor to the loan agreement. This loan has no need for credit checks or bank statements.

Why use Moher Flagstone Loans?

Moher Flagstone Loans is the best service provider to clients loan needs. Our organization has a large number of virtues that result in the company's positive results. Equipped with the best knowledge in client needs, Moher Flagstone Loans lets you access several advantageous services. These include:

  • Fast access to loan funds due to fast loan processing
  • No hidden charges on guarantor loans and no set up fee for loan applicants
  • Lower interest rates since guarantor loans are considered  lower risk obligations
  • Ease of access to loans through easy to fill application forms and flexible requirements
  • Flexible loan capacity with a wide range of loan amounts and in loan repayment period
  • Friendly staff that is ready to provide help to those with inquiries through mails or phone calls
  • Access of loans to individuals with a bad credit rating while also offering them an opportunity to rebuild their credit rating
  • Responsible lending that only ensures that you are awarded funds that you are in a position to pay for within the agreed loan period.

What is associated with our guarantor loans?

Simple application

The guarantor loan has a simple application process. We offer online loan application where clients are required to fill an online application form providing their basic details as well as those of the guarantor. It only takes a few minutes to complete the application process.

Positive credit rating

Application to get a loan offers the borrower a chance to improve their credit score. Similar to our partner company, GuarantorLoans123 , our ethos is to help you get your credit rating back on track and give you a second chance. This way, those who have a low credit rating gain a good report on prompt loan repayment. This report is delivered to the credit reference bureau thus increasing the borrower's credit score.

Reasonable deals

With a knowledgeable team of staff, we offer our clients advice on how to get the best loan deals. Our staff also has an upper hand in offering the best advice in loan acquisition and loan consolidation for those who wish. Geared at helping our clients benefit, our staff will only offer advice that minimizes the cost a client will incur rather than focus on the Moher Flagstone Loans making huge profits.

How difficult is it to get a guarantor loan?

Getting a guarantor loan is quite a simple process. The application process requires your filling an application form having your details and those of your guarantor. You are also required to provide proof of income for yourself and for your guarantor. This process is carried out online thus eliminating the need for arranging meetings or even making multiple phone calls. The staff makes the review process brief and with the approval of the loan application, the funds are released.