About Moher Flagstone

Moher Flagstone Loans is an online trading credit limited

We offer lending services giving unsecured loans to our clients. We have a main focus on clients that have not been successful in getting loans using conventional means, while also giving loans to clients that prefer to use our services rather than that of other credit organizations.

We have been able to offer years of lending services to clients all round the UK region. With aims to offer quality loan products through online services, we have created an interactive website that allows our clients apply for loans and access the loans without calling or approaching our offices. Our website has a friendly User Graphic Interface that enables our clients cruise through the system with ease. Honesty and integrity have played a major role in the success of the running the establishment while differentiating us from other lenders in the market.

Moher Flagstone Loans has a team of qualified staff assigned different roles for the efficient running of our establishment. With a 24 hour guard on all client activity, we offer round the clock loan application services. Enabling our clients receive the best services is facilitated by the enthusiasm that our staff maintains at all times. With Moher Flagstone Loans; "what you see is what you get".

Moher Flagstone Loans strives to ensure that all clients get the best products and services that we have to offer. This is with an aim to become and remain the best guarantor loan provider in the UK region. Having helped thousands of clients receive quality services, we want to increase the numbers by attracting more clients through quality customer service.

Ours is a company that looks forward to getting feedback from clients. Your feedback helps us understand your needs better thus giving you what you require.  The feedback helps us advance in what we have to offer.