What does my being a guarantor mean?
Your being a guarantor means that you and the borrower have joint responsibility over the loan borrowed and the installments to be paid back. This means that you need to know the borrower well and their ability to pay back the loan before signing as a guarantor.


As a guarantor, does the loan have a mark on my credit report?
No. Our checks involve looking into your credit score, however, this loan does not get marked on your credit score. Only the credit bureau Agency and Moher Flagstone Loans are able to identify you as a guarantor. Other organizations are in no position to access this information regarding your credit obligations as a guarantor.


What happens if the loan I am guaranteeing is approved?
Once the loan is approved, the money is disbursed into your account. This awards you as the guarantor the chance to figure out if you still want to go ahead with the loan agreement made. In case you change your mind, the money is called back.


What will happen if the borrower is late on an installment?
If the borrower is late on a payment, we first make a call to know why that is the case. If the borrower wants the payment date to be rescheduled, this will be handled quietly. However, in case the borrower is not in a position to make the payment, you as the guarantor will receive a call asking you to take up the role at that time.


How do I know that the loan has been repaid to the full?
Once the loan has been repaid to the full, we send you a notification in the form of a letter to let you know that the loan has been repaid successfully.


What happens to me as a guarantor during the loan process?
As a guarantor, you will undergo Moher Flagstone Loans basic qualifications test, you will be asked to be a co-signatory in the loan application, the funds once approved will be disbursed into your account, and in case of arrears or default; you will be counted as liable to make payments on behalf of the borrower.


What makes me an eligible guarantor?
To be an eligible guarantor, you should:

  • Be a full time employee
  • Have a good credit history
  • Be aged between 23 to 70 years
  • Be preferably a property owner in the UK