Guarantor loans are mainly designed for individuals with difficulties in paying debts. They also serve well for individuals that do not yet have a credit history. Moher Flagstone Loans offers the best services to these clients. The best service delivery by our organization is attributed to:

Knowledgeable and competent staff

Moher Flagstone Loans boasts knowledgeable and competent staff. These have raised the bar on the quality of services that we have to offer. Our clients are able to reach out to the staff who have abundant information regarding loans and how to make smart loan choices. Clients that have never borrowed before are taken through an orientation to help them make smart loan borrowing choices regarding the amount they need.

Fast response time

Our team is focused in delivering fast yet quality services to our client. We do not leave loan applications pending but work through them fast. We understand that when you ask for a loan, you already have its purpose laid out. We by no means want to keep your plans pending but want you to start fast and succeed in the plans.

Flexible loan products

We at Moher Flagstone Loans have flexible loan products for our clients. This includes flexible loan amounts as well as flexible repayment periods. Our loans range from a low of 500 to 5000 thus allowing an individual to take any desired amount between the minimum and maximum amounts. The repayment period runs from 12 months to 60 months. This allows the borrower to select their most comfortable repayment period which dictates the monthly installment to be paid.

Enhanced online services

Moher Flagstone Loans offers enhanced online services to clients. This included online application of the loan and online processing of the loan. Communication is relayed to the client via email or telephone services. There is also an online inquiry service which allows you to contact the company regarding various subjects through the site Contact Us page

Quality customer service

Moher Flagstone Loans staffs are well taught to deliver quality services. With customer service training, they are able to take in inquiries from clients and offer timely response. They also handle the loan applications with professionalism. They also communicate with the clients in a timely manner regarding loan approval, decline, and repayment.

Competitive prices

Moher Flagstone Loans offer competitive rates on loans awarded to clients. This is done through low interest rates against loans taken. There are no application fees thus making the cost of loan access and repayment low.